Welcome to fivethingselt

I’m Katy Muench, an English language  teacher and teacher trainer based in the North of England, after 12 years based in Turkey. I’ve been teaching English for over 12 years, in various countries and with students ranging from three year olds to retired engineers and groups of housewives. I work as a Celta tutor, Celt-S tutor, and teacher. I like creating original materials and giving workshops both at conferences and in schools.

I’ve made this website as a way of sharing lesson plans and ideas. There’s some Delta related posts and now I’ve become a Celta tutor, I’ll be writing more about the Celta too.

These days, I work almost exclusively online, continuing to train and teach.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Katy

    Your blog looks great, I am looking forward to learning about teaching and training by reading your posts.
    Thank you for following me, and I know we will ‘see’ each other online soon 🙂



  2. Hello Katy! Thanks for checking out my work, you have quite the blog yourself! I’d be really curious to exchange with you about the CELTA and especially about your experience online, if you were interested.
    Have a nice Sunday,


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