An Experimental Google Jamboard for Teaching English

I’ve read a lot about Jamboard, but only recently got around to using it with students and trainee teachers.

I’m very much someone who learns by doing, rather than reading. With that in mind, I’ve created an experimental Jamboard with five “frames” (slides) so others can have a play with it.

Katy’s Experimental Jamboard

Please go to the link above and follow the instructions there. Jamboard seems to work better if you are logged in to a Google account (without one, images don’t load, for some reason.) It’s a public access Jamboard so you should be able to open it. Please leave a comment if you can’t.

I’d appreciate it if you didn’t delete any of the elements on a slide, but feel free to add content as per the instructions.

Jamboard is great for working with groups, for collaborative activities, and for learner centred work, such as mini presentations and brainstorming. It’s also useful for matching tasks and correction.

Be aware that anyone with access to the Jamboard (which you can control as the maker) can make changes to frames, so give careful instructions to avoid students accidentally (or intentionally!) removing important content. I’d like it if certain elements could be “pinned” to a board and not moved by anyone other than the creator. It’d also be useful if videos could be embedded.

Have you used Jamboard for teaching?

Here are some links from other educators:

Jamboard Activities your students will love

Jamboard Templates for online learning


  1. Thanks for making and sharing this, Katy. It’s really useful to be able to have a play around. I’m going to try it out in my classes next week.

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