ELT Competitions

Fancy winning a free trip to Chicago or Brighton? Or how about a place on a professional development course? There are quite a few competitions around at the moment for English teachers and their students. Taking part can help with motivation and if you or your students win, there are some great prizes (or at least prestige) up for grabs. Here are some I’ve gathered – please comment if you know of any others.

For Teachers:

One Stop English lesson share

Lesson Share Competition
Closing date: Ongoing
Prizes: A professionally edited and designed lesson plan, which will be shared on the One Stop English website, plus a book.
To enter: Submit a lesson plan of at least 20 minutes.

Pearson ELT teacher

Pearson ELT Teacher Award
Closing date: December 31st 2017
Prize: A trip to the IATEFL conference in Brighton or TESOL in Chicago

To enter: Submit a video of yourself describing how you measure progress in English, and what you think is the best thing about being an English language teacher.

British Council 2018 ELTons
Closing date: 3rd November 2017
Prizes: Looks like your prize is prestige, fame and maybe a plaque.
To enter: Fill in the application form, nominating an Innovation in English Language Teaching.

EFL Magazine
Not a competition as such, but a chance to join a project sharing news from the English department at your school with a global audience. See EFL Magazine Teachers Reporter for full details.

For Students:

OUP project competition
OUP Project Competition
Closing date: 23rd February 2018
Prizes: Teacher wins: resource books, a set of readers, folder and pen. Students win a hoodie, pencil case, reader and a bag.
To enter: Students create a storyboard on the topic of “At the Movies”.

Oxford Big Read
OUP Big Read
Closing date: 13th January and 31st March (2 rounds)
Prizes: Teachers win professional development courses, students win iPads, books, vouchers and medals.
To enter: Task depends on grade. Please check the website.


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